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The President Went to Iraq for Christmas and Gave the Soldiers a Pair of Lies

Okay I’m going out on a limb and say I suspect most Americans don’t want the President lying to our troops, especially the ones stationed abroad during Christmas. Actually as Commander in Chief, his word must be trusted.

#DSOT does research and uses at least two polls to discern the dozens (and dozens) of policy issues that most citizens are in consensus- be it opposed or supportive.

So without any poll numbers, I am proffering that most of our citizens, already in debt to the military, would not want them told they received a 10% pay raise, when they in fact, had not.

Soldiers in all branches are trained not to think but obey. In the midst of battle, they must rely on their commanders to guide them.

So do not lie.

Donald Trump also said that this was the first raise in a decade- is there something about 10? Lie number two. At this setting.

The troops receive a raise every year. It was 2.4% in 2018 and will be 2.6% next year.

What to do- cease all discretionary, consumer spending each and every Tuesday.

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