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The Lesson of the Dog

Updated: 5 days ago

For those of you just waking up the Governor of South Dakota bragged in her recent autobiography that she shot a puppy because she (the person) failed to properly train or leash the dog. Ms. Noem, seeking to demonstrate how tough she is, didn't quite present the scenario as her failings but the fact remains- a puppy was shot dead.  RIP Cricket. What is the lesson/what should be clearly evident from the almost universal disgust this generated.


We, as a country, are not as divided as is claimed/reported or perceived.  Are there diverse opinions stemming from a diverse melting pot?  Of course.  Are there outliers and those who don't agree with the majority on some issues?  Yes. Governor Noem, when not armed with a gun and her victim is not a puppy, doesn't demonstrate much courage. She only went on conservative media to hawk her book and raise her profile.  After all her state only has around 780,000 people. The same number who live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  And many of the citizens in her state oppose her.

.First she united all the Native Americans in South Dakota- and then the rest of the United States

She did not receive any friendly interviews but was excoriated and ridiculed on air.  Of course, the lies about staring down dictators didn't help- but that could be forgiven.  The interaction always led back to the dead puppy. By a wide array of hosts and commentators. Noem tried used the usual defense: The liberal media twisted the story.  When that didn't work, she pivoted to the dog, aka puppy, was vicious and she feared for her children's safety.  No excuse or lie was able to undo the damage.  Even if she claimed that Cricket- RIP- had been woke, and a DEI hire-that would not have ameliorated the outrage.

One Fox commentator disclosed that the station was inundated with emails.  Many stated that as much as they supported the Republican nominee for President, if she was on the ticket, they would stay home. There are no powerful PKA puppy killing associations.  There aren't people in 10K suits, with wads of cash and tickets to prestigious events, roaming legislative halls seeking more dead dogs in gravel pits.  (Unless those working for big oil et. al. But that is a story for another day.  One which most of us agree... again.) 

Not to add more words to this story only to state: look at us US.  The USA. We are united, we are strong, and we can generate change.  Witness the horror and disgust this one murdered puppy created without pictures.  Just the verbal recounting of the savage killing was enough. Every week #DSOT sends out an email presenting an issue or needed legislation that most of the country wants and needs.  Some have as much as 90% support. 

 And there are pictures.  From school and other mass shootings to  the effects of climate change as evidenced in an almost unlimited number of examples. Desperate immigrants seeking to escape violence and poverty.  Dilapidated public schools and books being yanked off library shelves. Sad and shocking images of bad policy and lack of governance are everywhere. Inequity.  The absence of government actually functioning for the common good.

Do you love the majestic Monarch Butterfly and anywhere between 25-40 percent of our flora and fauna?  Uh Oh.

The list of what must be done seems endless. But we can change anything.  

As displayed in Disney massaging the works of Winnie the Pooh.

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.” True for this stuffed bear and people as well.

All issues intersect. The only people now consistently being represented by most elected officials are the very wealthy.  What should we do? Don't believe the lies or the hate-mongering.  We the people deserve more.  There are problems that politicians are tasked to solve. That is precisely their job.  Not to provide rants on social media or staged photo ops. Constituents are the employers.

One simple and safe way to build a bigger economic hammer is to not shop every Tuesday.  Find neighbors and small businesses to support the rest of the week.  Speak up/ learn the facts.  Demand that people in Congress and state and municipal legislative bodies address the issues that most of us, the US, support.

It's too late for Cricket- but change is not only possible but attainable.  Hope is the thing with feathers and having collective economic power.

Don't Shop on Tuesday.

And thanks to all those caring for animals.

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