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Sounds complicated- how does this work?

What should I do each Tuesday? Don’t shop. Here in Maryland, or Kansas, Alaska or even Germany.

The idea is simple, easy and portable.

By shopping, we mean consumer, discretionary purchases. In case of an emergency, break the glass, and then do whatever is needed. If someone is sick, get to the hospital. In the case of a car breaking down on a Tuesday, do not wait until a minute after midnight to call a tow truck. People must be safe and healthy.

Also, when people are living in exigency and they receive some money on a Tuesday; they must purchase whatever they need.

Of course, obey the law. Please pay tolls and any parking charges. If you must hire a service for a ride/ obviously said service ha to be compensated.

This boycott for our democracy does not encompass business outlays. That is part of employment and the beauty of this protest is that no one’s job or safety need be at risk. So, yes order the paper clips or hospital supplies or reserve your airline ticket to the conference.

Just Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. Or spend any money that day for personal use. Yes that means don’t stop for a coffee in the morning or a beer after work. People can always bring coffee for everyone to their job. This precludes colleagues from buying coffee and encourages co-worker to gather together and collaborate better. (People in the boycott have done this or offered an array of caffeinated drinks in the morning to folks who want to stop by. I don’t drink coffee and fail to understand what all the fuss is about.)

Of course, invite people over for meals, using food purchased any other time during the week. You don’t have to deny yourself anything. Just make certain that all shopping is done on the six other days of the week.

The boycott includes getting a haircut, having the dog shampooed or scheduling the annual medical check-up. On Tuesdays. The dog won’t mind waiting a day or two.

It is easy. And you will be joining a growing movement. Be discreet if you choose or advocate loudly.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. #DSOT.

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