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Pride versus Shame

This Pride Month, US Politics Is a Shame

Happy Pride Month. We hope that this message finds you safe, accepted and loved, even as it becomes harder by the day in many parts of America to be one’s authentic self without judgment, or worse persecution. The Republican lead states have become increasingly naked in their hatred and bigotry: from the near indiscriminate punishment of women seeking reproductive health, to the targeting of single children anti-trans legislation, to the “don’t say gay” bill. The creative and malevolent zeal with which Republicans are waging this socio-political war is horrifying, especially considering their plethora of recent successes. Their continued success in executing such an unpopular agenda, despite losing the popular vote is an embarrassment, and the brazenness with which they will flout the will of the people going forward will be a travesty we haven’t fully comprehended. Republicans have no qualms expressing their hateful agenda and totalitarian plans, they are a clear and obvious enemy in the fight for human rights, and justice. But when looking for allies in this battle, we must not overlook that the Democrats pay lip service to LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, but rarely deliver. Under their watch, the civil liberties and human rights of Americans, especially minorities and the marginalized, have suffered grievous blows, and how have the Democrats responded? Have they denounced Republican party and their bigoted agenda? Have they changed the rules or passed legislation? No, that would be difficult, it would take work. Instead of following the will of the vast majority of Americans, the Democrats have chosen to Fundraise Millions on empty promises of change, while their own core voting constituencies are under constant attack, and real people are suffering, perhaps dying. Not only is there no discussion by Schumer and Biden to change the filibuster rules, Democratic leadership is still defending and advocating for DINOs like Henry Cuellar! Democratic leadership’s actions speak far louder than whatever words or memes they might share expressing their pride and support for LGBTQ+ rights. Celebrating pride means seeing everyone as fully human and worthy of the dignity and respect, and allowing each person the support and space to explore the many facets of themselves. This type of solidarity and mutual acceptance is more than the transactional interactions our political class can offer and for many even comprehend. Their own experience in our corrupted system leaves them broken, only understanding money and power. To communicate effectively we need not just political power, but economic power. Only when we threaten both the pocket books of the donor class, along with the election prospects of our politicians will we begin moving again towards a society that practices and preaches on universal human rights. So join us each Tuesday, as we build an economic cudgel! #DSOT #UPM

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