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Of Course Most People Want This

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Unrepresentative Policy - Automatic Voter Registration With fall officially here, and the next democratic presidential debate, with all the qualifying candidates on one stage, in just a few days, now is the time that many non-political junkies begin turning their eyes towards politics and elections. Yet even as our electoral process, and voting population gear up, much of the political apparatus seems intent on keeping people from voting. Voter purges, from erroneous cross-check lists, while defying cease and desist court orders, are the most egregious examples of the Republican voter disenfranchisement scheme. The Democratic party also often finds itself on the wrong side of American suffrage, with closed primaries, and onerously early registration dates, but they rarely, if ever, match in degree, or kind the efforts of the Republican party. With the upcoming elections on everyone's mind, do Americans think voter registration should be a meaningful barrier to participating in our democracy?

Agree or Disagree, all Citizens Should be Automatically Registered to Vote When Interacting with the DMV. Agree Overall: 66% Democrats: 83% Republicans:52%

Americans know that voting is essential to the exercise of democracy, and furthermore that more people voting means a stronger democracy! So why would Republicans engage in such a concerted disenfranchisement effort against the majority will of even their own party? Lee Atwater, head of the RNC during the 1980's explained it quite succinctly: when the voting population goes down, Republican control increases. In other words these politicians know that their actions and their agenda: cutting social security and medicare, privatizing schools and roads, eliminating the minimum wage, etc. are all deeply unpopular, and thus they can only hold onto their power and influence, if they can prevent enough people from voting! And so despite six in ten Americans wanting every voter automatically registered, hundreds of thousands to millions of people will find themselves unable to vote this election, because they aren't properly registered!

Fight to preserve this basic constitutional right.

#DSOT. Don't Shop On Tuesdays and demonstrate the collective power of the majority.

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