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Nooses/drugged children/terror

Everyone has been a child. Some people are parents or aunts and uncles. Many work with children as a career.

Imagine the terror of a toddler maybe 2 or three years old, who has just journeyed thousands of miles to escape the killings and poverty of home. Even if the child cannot grasp the dire reasons why they are walking so far every day, they can sense their parents and family are scared and sad.

And then you arrive. To the place where it should be safe and welcoming. You are three years old. And then you are taken away from your family and placed in a cage. In the hot Texas summer. Or now, in essence a baby prison. A facility, privately owned, that is used to warehouse children who have been kidnapped from their parents. Children have been abducted because the adults, who are seeking a better life, committed a federal misdemeanor.

Can you fathom littering and then having a family member abducted? Without a trial or any segment of the justice system occurring.

Judges have told this President and this administration to release the children. Blinded by greed, cruelty and incompetence, many could not be re-united. Children still languish in facilities designed to silo them. You want MS 13? Trying to generate more people who hate America? Mission accomplished.

And of course, the utter lack of humanity.

And apparently, there is not sufficient paperwork for enough reunions. There was a report published in the Washington Post that stated that 1.475 immigrant children were lost by this President and this Administration in 2017. You misplace your keys or your cell phone.

Children are growing and developing. Even the most cosseted ones experience fear and sadness as they develop. But children, surrounded by loving families, are protected and helped through growing up.

The true crimes have been committed by this President and this administration. It is hard to truly assess the situation because the Justice Department wants to veil its activities. What I know is that one child shanghaied, then subject to potential abuse and over-medication while still navigating the terror of losing their family, is one child too many.

This is why I Do No Shop on Tuesdays.

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