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March 2

Show up and don't stop supporting this amazing organization.

This is too important to bury the lede: on March 2nd, in Washington DC, and 30 other locations across the country, including Annapolis Maryland, there will be rallies, marches, and voter registration to demand fundamental change for millions of Americans. The Poor People's Campaign (PPC) is organizing this day of change as the kick-off event for a year-long campaign of ongoing actions mobilizing poor people and the working class to take back power in 2024. We spoke to the Maryland Chapter of PPC about the upcoming action.

Poverty is not a natural phenomenon like gravity, but a legislative and executive choice, foisted on people deemed to be divided, powerless, and expendable. However, next month and beyond will demonstrate that people are uniting as a means to generate change. No one chooses to be poor, but for many in America there is no path out of precariousness when decisions by too many in power cater to wealthy and powerful donors instead of all citizens. These decisions are wide-ranging and interlocking policies touching most aspects of our lives, but many of the solutions are clear and popular, if our government would only respond to the people. 

To name just a few: 

  • Unions

  • A Living Wage

  • Rent Control

  • Universal Healthcare

  • Protecting and educating our youth

  • Environmental actions

With poverty being the 4th leading cause of death in this country, taking around 800 lives per day, these solutions are not idle musing, they will save lives. Instead of more tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, let's build a more equal society where everyone can benefit from the government doing its job, not just largess for the very few.

The incredible volunteers in the Maryland Chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign have already assembled a large coalition, and hundreds of allies who are already committed to coming to Annapolis on March 2nd. Their efforts will be mirrored in the nation's capital and throughout the country. We are urging everyone to find and join a march near you.

One of the goals of these assemblies is to demonstrate the power and size of disadvantaged citizens and their allies and through that shared solidarity provide hope. Too often, people who feel forgotten and ignored by the system lose hope and don't register or vote during elections. PPC will mobilize the effort to get people involved and to the polls. If mobilized to vote at similar levels to other demographics, poor people, so often ignored, can determine election outcomes nationally, and in every state.

Please find out more about PPC and its long and storied history including Reverend Barber and Moral Mondays. All issues intersect, and the PPC’s work centering the sociopolitical choices of our unrepresentative government that lead to poverty is precisely in line with DSOT’s theory of change.


Volunteer.  And attend a march on MARCH 2nd.


The Poor People's Campaign is demanding change for an array of issues that #DSOT advocates for each week. Dubbed a “3rd Reconstruction” by PPC, these are radically popular issues that have super majority consensus and support. Only together can we make our public servants serve the public. There is power in numbers and unity especially armed with an economic cudgel. So join us each Tuesday, in growing solidarity, and all together on March 2nd! Forward Together, and Not One Step Back!

W Want to do more?ant to Do More?

Registration link is

Resolution to End Poverty in MD is

Check out our first "Zoomside" Chat with the Maryland Chapter the Poor People's Campaign!

We had a fantastic Zoom chat with MDPPC about their upcoming mobilization event on March 2nd in Annapolis.

Zoomside chats are quick informal conversations with activists about their causes/challenges and victories.  We would love to talk with you for our next one!


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