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King Me/ But This is NOT a Game

Updated: Jul 4

There is no King of America

It’s a little difficult to comprehend just how damaging to our country’s founding principles, and proper functioning the last week of Supreme Court decisions have been. The court’s ruling with its, at this point, classic 6-3 conservative majority struck at the heart of executive branch functioning by eliminating the Chevron Deference, an absolutely devastating overturning of more than 50 years of precedence which will hamstring the executive branches ability to both regulate industry, and provide for the general welfare.

We’ll be covering more of that in the coming weeks, because this cataclysmic decision was somehow overshadowed just this Monday morning by SCOTUS’ decision on Presidential immunity. The issue at hand concerned Trump's claims of presidential immunity around his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. The 6-3 conservative majority granted Presidents immunity for Official Acts as President, leaving “unofficial acts” prosecutable. This small carve-out is mostly illusory, however, as SCOTUS also was quick to make many forms of evidence against the President inadmissible. In essence, SCOTUS – a court with most members appointed by conservative Republican Presidents, who stole their elections no less – has decided that the President is above the law, and that we now have a King.

Let's be clear, this is a preposterous legal position: In the Constitution, there is a remedy if a President commits high crimes and misdemeanors while specifically citing Treason and Bribery. Like all judicial proceedings, the outcome is not as important as respecting the process.  But the intent is clear:  No person is above the law. What’s more, the 25th Amendment provides a way to remove an official who cannot execute his duties.  Clearly, that has been ignored in our history but the mechanism was provided at the birth of our country. In her dissent, which she read from the bench, Justice Sotomayor explains that with this decision, “the relationship between the President and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law.”

The six radical conservative members of the court represent people who do not believe in respecting the will of the governed.  The powerful and elite unrepresentative forces in our government are moving towards some of the later stages of a decades-long plan to remove the levers of power surely and steadily away from the people and consolidate it ever further into the hands of the monied elite. If conservatives, with Trump at their head are able to regain power in this upcoming election the only thing standing between them and nearly any unspeakable act will be that of public shame…not something I'd want to rely on with a man like Donald Trump.

To safe-guard out democracy this election is going to take everyone pulling together. We need to make sure that the monied elite understand that this coup d'etat in broad daylight, even if it has the auspices of legal imprimatur, will not stand with the people. To build that power, it's going to take the activation of people who typically sit on the sidelines (listen to our conversation about the PPC’s ongoing voter activation campaign), and it's going to take not just political organizing alone, but economic organizing as well.

So, join us each Tuesday, in growing solidarity, to wield both our economic and our political power together, on behalf of all those who believe in democracy. We can stop the would-be Kings and oligarchs from killing this nation and get back to a nation which recognizes that no person is above the law.

And broaden/increase and wield this economic cudgel!

Don't shop on Tuesday!

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