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If You Live on Earth- This is Your Fight

Unrepresentative Policy - Climate Change Series #2

We hear all the time that there is a growing mistrust in science, with the rise of anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers, how can something as contentious as climate science be any different? So, where do the American people stand on studying Climate Change? Let's take a look at the polling data:

Do you think that significantly cutting funding for scientific research on the environment and climate change is a good idea or a bad idea? Bad Idea (72%)

As you may have guessed, the results are overwhelming, with over 7 in 10 people thinking it's a bad idea to cut science funding to study the environment! American's know that the globe is warming and the climate is changing, and they want our government to fund scientists so we can all be armed with the best information possible! The American people couldn't be more clear.

 And yet...Trump's new budget proposal last month sought a 31% cut to the EPA. I wish I could say "April Fools!"

We shouldn't be surprised at this point, pleading ignorance is all too often what politicians and governments fall back upon when questioned over their failure, and what better way to institutional that ignorance than preventing scientists from studying the problem.

This is unacceptable, at a time when we need ever-more data so we can take meaningful action where it counts the most, our government is taking away the very resources to make that possible. We must demand better, with such a fraught climate future ahead, this is no time to be pulling the veil of ignorance across our eyes through under-funding our scientific agencies.

Let your representatives know this issue is important to you, contact info can be found at:

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