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GREEDY: ​SCOTUS Is Insatiable


What is wrong with the Supreme Court? After being mired in corruption and ethics scandals for the last year, where an embarrassing series of exposes demonstrated just how deeply in the pockets of right-wing billionaires many of these Republican Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas chief among them, are. One would think that with its legitimacy in tatters, the Supreme Court would want to lie low, and let attention fade from it, rebuilding some semblance of its veneer of impartiality before it will need to weigh in on Donald Trump’s eligibility on state ballots

It seems, however, that the right wing fundamentalists on this court cannot help themselves:  allowing Idaho to enforce a draconian abortion ban law until a hearing in April. The law, which criminalizes abortion with prison time of up to 5 years, sometimes even in medical emergencies, had been blocked by a lower court, until SCOTUS proactively put a hold on the injunction, allowing the law’s enforcement. They did this although in every election since SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade, the American people have made it clear, in red States and blue states, that they support a women's right to choose, coming out against abortion bans in referendum and in special elections.

The response to this tidal wave of political support has been for the least representative part of our federal government to contravene the will of the American people on behalf of wealthy conservative interests. As a result, even with an overwhelming show of political support at the ballot box, we are quickly becoming a country where your rights vary drastically depending on the state you live in. The Supreme Court apparently thinks enough time has passed for passions to have cooled and memories to fade, we must show them that they are mistaken.

We will not forget, we will not relent, and we will not go backwards on the human rights that we were so hard fought and won by generations past. In the coming year it will take not just political, but economic organizing, to ensure that the aspirations of right-wing authoritarians are thwarted, and instead that a multicultural and equitable society that proactively protects and celebrates the rights and autonomy of all people is the future we choose. So join us each Tuesday in growing solidarity as we build an economic cudgel to go alongside our political might, preparing for a 2024 election in which so many rights may hang in the balance. Don't shop on Tuesday.  

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