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Government Cannot Make You Shop on Tuesdays

There will be no law requiring folks to buy groceries on that day. Or demand you schedule a routine doctor’s visit or try a different restaurant. And for those activities, there is always the rest of the week.

It is a right, in fact the very essence of capitalism that allows consumers to make choices in the marketplace.

The newly defeated Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, who stripped unions of too much of their bargaining power, cannot stop this boycott. Not by executive fiat or legislation.

Nor can any corporately controlled politician of his ilk.

There will be no police, no arrests, no job security threatened.

Boycott for our Democracy is using capitalism to redeem our governmental institutions and demand that public servants actually serve the public.

It is ironic. So many elected officials chose corporations and donors over the people who elected them. So we will use the very system they extol.

This is a boycott that transfers pain to those being boycotted, not those rising up in protest.

#DSOT. You can join the movement quietly, discreetly by just making your purchases the other six days of the week.

Or you can do it loudly each Tuesday: tell people about the movement and get involved to help.

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