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Good-bye Paul Ryan

His last official act was to make certain that the humanitarian crisis continued in Yemen. A child dies every ten minutes in that war ravaged country- 400,000 are starving and 1.5 million children are malnourished.

Seeing the growing bipartisan backing of the Sanders bill (co-sponsored by Senators Murphy and Lee) to end American support of Saudi Arabia’s assault on that country, Ryan inserted a clause to the farm bill preventing action in the House on the Senate measure.

He added a poison pill rider resolution in the Farm Bill that waived even debate about a War Powers Resolution. In the FARM BILL.

Uh Paul- do you hate children or like it when journalists are murdered? Or don’t you care about tragedy affecting people darker than ecru on the Home Depot color sampling? Did your donors tell you to do this? Or do you simply want this horrific humanitarian crisis to continue? Perhaps you answer to Saudi Arabia and not the citizens of this country.

In case Mr. Ryan wasn’t clear enough about his immigration preferences, he wants more Irish folks coming here.

The Ryan family ancestors fled Ireland in 1851 the penultimate year of the great potato famine. So welcome to America Ryans. Please raise your children to have compassion and humanity.

Besides being a lackey for the wealthy and his corporate donors, Ryan was a very bad Speaker of the House, in that he couldn’t get anything done. Except pass a massive tax cut which is exploding the deficit and disproportionately benefits the very rich. But that was easy since he was simply asking Congressional representatives of his party to vote the way the donors had already instructed them to do. So it was basically pantomime.

Paul Ryan has whinged about the deficit for his entire career. It geysered 17% higher at the close of the last fiscal year. The forecast is that under 2 years of total GOP control, it will reach one trillion dollars. So much for fiscal conservatism if the Koch Brothers aren’t happy.

And Ryan, who went to high school and college while receiving Social Security benefits, is sad to leave office with the earned entitlement still in place and not privatized, dismantled or massively cut.

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