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Get Money Out of Politics

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

New Laws to Get Money out of Politics (65%): From Buckley v Valeoin 1976, through to Citizens Unitedin 2010 and beyond, the the corrupting influence of money has grown like a cancer in our political system. Each election cycle, an ever-growing tsunami of money washes through our political system, drowning out the public's voice, and giving privilege to special interest groups and wealthy individuals. And with recent blows against even modest disclosure requirements, these laws have been moving further and further towards the absolute supremacy of private money to determine the winners of elections, and the policies passed.

Unsurprisingly, Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with this state of affairs, with two in three wanting new laws passed to get money out of politics. While many corrupt politicians show little interest in biting the hand that feeds them, there is a growing political coalition both inside the halls of power, and out in the streets of America demanding change.

This election cycle, make sure you track just who is giving to the politicians running for office, and regardless, demand that all our representatives work to pass laws giving the power back to the majority of the people, not just who has the deepest pockets!

We collectively have immense power. Together, we can make fundamental changes

to our political system. Corporations are not people, my friend. People are people.

And most are being ignored at every level of government.

How can we demonstrate our power? By our absence every Tuesday. #DSOT

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