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Focus on What is Important

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When did news become entertainment? One could argue when powerful men- generally yes- had their sexual peccadillos revealed. Media morphed from a President who was not surprisingly cheating on his wife throughout their marriage, to one who has paid off porn stars.

Did powerful men, and some women have sexual escapes throughout our history? Certainly, but

it was rarely reported.

Even when a President’s mistress hid in the White House. ( see Harding, Warren G.)

But I digress.

It is all very titillating. Except that won’t help the parents of children without health insurance or the massive income disparity. The planet is dying and we collectively have a little more than a decade to take far-reaching action.

Simply regard the rest of the so-called news as a substitute for the newest sitcom. If you choose, burrow down into the roots of the issues involved. In other words, bypass the clownish antics and discover the real problems.

For example, blackface has dominated the news cycle for weeks now.

But it underscores deep-seated racist beliefs or casual cruelty that are the real issues.

Don't be distracted by the non-news posing as news. We all must demand what a clear majority

of citizens want, need and deserve.

#DSOT is an intersection and a multiplier. Keep fighting for all the issues important to you.

And then, simply, Don't Shop on Tuesdays.

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