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Elected Officials Have Become Comedians

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

And a lot of comedians augurs of truth.

How did this happen? Jerry Lewis never did an in-depth analysis of problems in the Mid-East. The Three Stooges did not provide answers to an increasingly broken healthcare system and rising prescription drug prices.

Bob Hope spouted off one-liners (and golfed with Republicans.)

And now, comprehensive scrutiny is being done by the likes of John Oliver and Samantha Bee. As well as many others. Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers. Michelle Wolf. Even the genial Jimmy Kimmel was undertowed into the political fray.

Former comedians like Sam Seder now host podcasts. And his cohort mixes a fairly intricate knowledge of Central and South American politics with a voice mimicry shtick. Sometimes a segment consists of those assembled laughing at an array of clips.

One-time standup Jon Stewart revolutionized late night television taking it from tired old jokes to a hard and yet funny look at the news. His scathing commentary helped many people see the problems in our system.

And then there is the Congress. How many Mitch McConnells does it take to destroy our democracy?

Just one. Rim shot.

How many Paul Ryans does it take to stand up to Donald Trump?

Apparently there are none. Bam. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

But seriously. We are being ignored. Important issues and needed policies are scuttled in deference to a few wealthy donors.

So laugh and enjoy your favorites shows while simultaneously:

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