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Donald Trump Discharged All of His Debt 6 Times...Why Not Student Loans

Supposedly, the reason we needed to wrap up the impeachment of Donald Trump and allow him, and the Republicans to move on from their attempted coup without any accountability, was so that Congress could get down to the very important business of passing policies that are desperately needed for Americans in this crisis. Passing policy is certainly something we at DSOT would agree with, there are an enormous number of policies that we’ve covered week after week the American people desperately want and need Congress to pass! If Biden and the Democrats actually have the desire and the will to pass these policies is yet to be seen, but past performance leaves room for doubt, especially in the face of staunch nihilistic Republicans. Passing the Covid relief package, with $1400 checks and a minimum wage will just be the start of a series of major policy fights. And before we’ve even begun, Senate Democrats area already trying to shoot themselves in the foot by foolishly trying to kill the $15 minimum wage proposal. But we talked about that last week, and the reality is that the reconciliation process the Democrats are forced to use, is somewhat lengthy regardless of what ends up being in the relief package. So even if the Democrats go for broke it's going to take until March before the Covid relief works its way through Congress. So instead of retreading old ground, let's talk about something the Biden administration could do today. Under the power of the FEA, Joe Biden can unilaterally cancel student loan debt. The department of education has been granted the authority to issue and modify loans for education, and under that purview, could choose to forgive any and all loans held by the Federal government, which is nearly all of them. This means with the stroke of a pen Joe Biden could end the student loan debt crisis. The exact amount of debt That should be forgiven is not exactly agreed upon by Americans, but what is clear is that some sort of large student debt forgiveness is desired by the American people: Would you support or oppose Joe Biden cancelling up to $50,000 of student debt per person? Support: 60% Oppose: 40% Forgiving that student loan debt isn’t just popular politics, it would also be excellent for the economy. A major reason young people aren’t buying homes or starting families is student loan debt. The over $1.7 trillion is choking the American economy and stopping millions of people from being able to fully participate in the economy and keep it growing and healthy. So take action today Joe to take this yoke off of so many people’s necks. Free them from this debt, and stop making America a place where we punish people for trying the become well educated and armed with the skills they need. Don’t wait for the Congress, don’t let the Republicans hamstring our recovery. Be popular Joe, forgive student debt and get people relief today! Make it clear why it matters to vote in Democrats! We must remember that every day Biden doesn’t take action is a choice, and we must organize and demand that he choose the people, not debt collectors. Powerful economic forces stand to lose out if Biden does the right thing, so we will need economic pressure from the people to counteract the forces of oligarchy. Join us each Tuesday as we grow our economic power! Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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