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Do You Want to Restore Democracy in Your Spare Time?

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Are you tired of watching corrupt, greedy and incompetent politicians destroy our democratic institutions?

Is it time to demand that elected officials represent the people who voted for them and not solely their donors?

When can we the citizens get limitless amounts of money out of politics while exposing all the dark money sources?

How about water. Who enjoys it and wants it available for the entire planet?

Should children be in cages? Or teenagers in prison-like camps? Just because their parents were seeking asylum. The answer of course is that this country, not those coming here, is breaking international and U.S. laws.

An informal poll: Bridges- do you prefer to drive over them or have the structure collapse on your car?

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays boycott is looking for everyone and anyone. You don’t have to be an activist or an artist- even though we want both.

First step- Don’t Shop On Tuesdays.

Join the movement Boycott for our Democracy. Then literally join the movement. Come together with bright and funny people dedicated to making a difference.

Wanted: Technical support, writers, artists, SEO and social media experts and songwriters. Plus talents we haven’t even considered yet.

As the movement grows, we need the full spectrum of voices demanding change.

And your ideas.

And your support.

Please sign up for the weekly email and let us know what else you can do.

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