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Democracy for Sale in Aisle 1 - 2/3/4/5 and 6

Updated: Apr 30

What do you buy when you have everything?

Picture this, you are born into great wealth, and you did not create the fortune. What is an aspiring oligarch to do with "their" resources? Of course there are the usual billionaire environmentally crushing geegaws: multiple massive houses/yachts on yachts and private planes. Overseeing companies seeking to impoverish workers, and if you already have a very large shrine to Adolph Hitler, then other tributes to horrific despots seem banal and been there/done that. 

Hmm, what is left? 

Slavery is illegal- although it still exists throughout the world.  But that would be gauche. Solution: you buy a person with money/luxury vacations and who knows what else.

Of course, Justice Samuel Alito does really enjoy a luxe vacay, but he also appears to be motivated by some 17th century beliefs and a hatred of women.

Do not forget that the late Justice Scalia went duck hunting with Dick Cheney prior to the VP's case about his handling of documents landed before the Supreme Court.  They were old friends, but you can rest assured that played no part in the Gore v. Bush decision to gift the presidency to the GOP. The late Sandra Day O'Connor- the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court later said that decision was wrong and she regretted it. 

There was a time when being one-of-nine justices on this court meant having a record of service together with a brilliant legal mind. Joe Biden/ when he was a senator could have saved the country from Clarence Thomas.  All he had to do was not disparage Anita Hill and allow the other women who worked under Thomas while director at the Equal Opportunity Commission EEOC testify. (Note to Harlan Crow-don't let Thomas choose the movies or serve soda...You're welcome.). Google it.

By the way, if anyone cares, many cases that came before the Supreme Court can and do affect Harlan Crow and other billionaires. The list of goodies thrust upon Thomas and the Misses is too long to list here.  But I am guessing that if he had remained at the EEOC- if he wasn't fired let's say- he probably would not have been invited on half million dollar vacations.  Why not, since he still would be the same scintillating conversationalist with the charming wife.... 

Clarence Thomas benefited from Affirmative Action then kicked the ladder away for others. He has a lifetime sinecure on this court which appears to operate without any rules or restrictions. Most of this country wants term limits for these justices.  Two thirds support this.  How about federal investigations?  Asking for a friend.

Maybe billionaires can go to uber rich rehab.  They can learn all the good that can be done with their money and be there with legislators who learn how to make the tax system less regressive while finding ways to benefit all people, not just the very rich.  Humanity and kindness breakout sessions.  The Public Good. 

In the meantime/ fight money with money & power.  By supporting local businesses 6 days each week and then #DSOT. Show the powerful elite, who now only care about themselves with maybe dribbles of showy donations or foundations here or there/ will that together we have more power. 

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