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Is a word that I invented. It is a reminder of how privileged I am and how I am committed to fight for our democracy.

We are all connected and everyone, even the very rich, is at the mercy of the extreme changes in our planet.

Too often, groups that are marginalized or unable to demand legal and ethical treatment need the support of others to command that all people must be treated with respect and afforded their rights.

In other words: for some problems the entire planet is at stake. In other battles, we must ally with others.

Back to the semantic flair.

I love carrots. Not the cut and peeled and soaked in chlorine baby carrots but the deeply imbued ones in strong healthy bunches with the tops still on.

If I cooked or baked more, I would use the tops in breads and soups. But as for now, I enjoy the orange part of the delicious vegetable. I eat carrots every day.

And on Sundays and Mondays I make certain that I have gas in my car and fresh carrots in the refrigerator.

Carrotastrophe reminds me of the horrors and tragedies affecting so many in our country. And also,

I need to purchase carrots before Tuesday. Because it would be hard to not have them but not a catastrophe.

And the rest of the week, if you can, shop locally. Check to see if there are farmers’ markets in your town. Find small neighborhood shops and artists’ emporiums and unique restaurants. Enjoy them six days of the week.

Because to demand our democracy back, to challenge the special interests and enjoy a more representative government, we

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays

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