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Big Agra vs. Animal Welfare

Unrepresentative Policy - Climate Change Series #7 When most of us think of the main culprits of climate change, we rightly turn our eyes towards the fossil fuel industry. However, as with all complex problems, there is more in our systems of production that deserves scrutiny: big agriculture is the third largest sector responsible for green house gas emissions, and yet what is on our plate often receives far less attention than what kind of lightbulb we screw in. Of particular concern in America is how much meat is on our plates.

Unfortunately, while Americans are eating slightly less meat, there is still considerable disagreement about how to reform our eating habits and agricultural system. The reality of factory farm operations, however, involves important ethical and humanitarian concerns, on top of ecological and climate issues, and it is here that we the people agree!

Generally speaking, how concerned are you about the welfare of animals that are raised as food for people to eat? Concerned: 76% Most people care about where their food comes from, they want animals raised in a humane fashion, not as part of an industrial process. The meat industry knows this and has lobbied hard to pass laws preventing effective regulations, including stopping whistle-blowers from reporting on the conditions inside of these factories! If these operations were exposed, and reformed, we would have a more humane agricultural system, that satisfies not just the taste-buds, but also our ethics.

Ethical animal husbandry, is of course more expensive than factory farms, and will make our meat more expensive at the store. Ultimately, this may not be a bad thing, as the greater expense will hopefully decrease our meat consumption overall, giving us healthier lives in the process. Looking after the well-being of our food-supply is a win for the environment and all of us.

Let your representatives know this issue is important to you, contact info can be found at: Help us take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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