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Ben Shapiro and Climate Change


The young Mr. Shapiro, packaged as the intellectual of the right, has a cogent solution for rising sea levels.

If 97% of climate scientists are correct, and the sea levels are rising, threatening to take entire communities and islands in their wake, just sell your house. That is Shapiro’s remedy for this catastrophic reality. As the water inches up, and your domicile sinks underwater literally and financially, just unload it.

Great idea. Okay, we are done here. But wait. Wouldn’t a destroyed town/island/country inhibit buyer interest?

I live two blocks from water from the Chesapeake Bay. I have a lovely renovated house that was originally built in 1905. How to explain the ankle deep water on the first floor after I list it for sale? And bad news prospective buyers: you can have pet fish but cats might be a problem. On the upside, it is a great neighborhood and if you turn down the heat in the winter, the dining room could become an ice skating rink.

At least 8 islands in the Pacific Ocean have disappeared due to rising sea levels. Oops, didn’t call the realtor in time.

Enjoy the pictures of 14 islands threated by the rising tide. We need more than pictures.

Residents of Bangladesh, put sell your home on the top of your to do list.

And everyone else:

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