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We are not hopeless, however, we can awaken the sleeping giant of the poor and working class! Activating even a fraction of these 140 million people, and growing networks of powerful solidarity are the only way to combat the influence of money in politics, and make sure that the needs of the working class the poor are even heard at all. It's people like the amazing volunteers and advocates at the Poor People's campaign running weekly moral organizing efforts to register people to vote, Each week they build awareness and networks of trust and solidarity. They organize, not just for election day, but for the day afterwards when the real politics begin.

By joining together not just our political voices, but our economic power, the poor and working class people of this country can shape the results of this election to lead towards a more humane and just society. So join us each Tuesday in growing solidarity, and join the Poor People's campaign (PPC) on June 29th in Washington DC to March the rights the dignity and the needs of the poor, and to say that we will create a new moral revival and the third reconstruction. To learn more you can check out our latest Zoomchat with the PPC later this week.

Together we can! Don't shop on Tuesday!


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