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Almost 65% of Voters

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

In Florida want felons* to have their voting rights restored. The newly elected- one can hope legitimately- Governor is stalling the process. (*Their word not mine)

No polls are needed here. The voters have spoken. A clear majority insists on this franchise remedy to take effect immediately.

And let’s be real- voting in Florida is a nightmare. Seriously, perform an Internet search. Focus on the 2000 Presidential election and continue to research up to and including the present.

Rick Scott, the two-term Governor and now United States Senator elect- one can hope legitimately- has a bit of breaking the law problem in his past.

Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA when the hospital company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. Or perhaps massive theft of government money is a more apt phrase. He never went to prison or he too would have lost the right to vote.

In galling irony Scott, as Governor, convened a small panel interviewing citizens released from prison seeking to be able to vote again, and occasionally restoring this constitutional right on a whim.

The citizen-endorsed amendment is the first step in addressing the myriad of inequities in our criminal justice system.

It is long overdue.

State of Florida- this is very easy to execute. Hmm not a good word to use in Florida.

The voters have spoken. Get it done.

Just change the status to eligible. Much simpler than creating hanging chads.

Google it.

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