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A PSA for the ESA

Happy Birthday to You/ Happy Birthday to You/ Happy Birthday Endangered Species Act/ May you last forever....

50th Year Anniversary of this groundbreaking and ground protecting policy.

83% support this important piece of legislation.


And if the history books in your school district have not been taken off the shelves yet, you can learn that it was President Nixon who signed this bill into law.


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert opposes reintroducing wolves into parts of rural America.  She is also shopping for a new district since she would be handily defeated if she ran for re-election from  her current area.

Just saying, and wolves don't vote.

Too many in elected office are trying to remove or scale back protections on certain animals or species.  Let's put a few such Congress folks in a locked room with a couple of wolves.  Fair fight and no weapons,

Darwin in real time.


One legitimate criticism of this act is that it isn't broad or comprehensive enough.


So, instead of trying to limit this policy's range, let's expand it.


If science books have not been swept off the shelves in your library or local schools, you can learn about the interdependence of our ecosystem.

And extinct means not coming back.


Bees are endangered which could severely impact food supply.  


Currently, all species including humans, are facing a world of tainted and diminishing water.  There is the constant threat of forever chemicals/contamination and oceans of plastic.  Species are dropping like flies.

Actually flies are not endangered but 5.7% of insects are...


People in Congress work for us, the citizenry.  If 83%- and that seems low- support this act, then not only must it be protected, but broadened in scope and power.


Call your Congress Representatives and Senators and be clear that they are public servants.  And the public demands our fragile habitat and endangered species must be respected

and kept safe.


Because everyone should want Monarch Butterflies in their garden next spring.  (Yes, they are on the list too.)


Happy New Year.  Don't lock yourself in a room with a wolf or bear but show respect for nature.  And if your elected officials are ignoring you and allowing their wealthy donors to determine public policy:  then make their political career extinct.  


(Note: no wolves or Congress folks were harmed in the making of this email.)



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