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 Power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Credited to Lord Acton.

Power shared is power diluted, but it is the basis of a free and representative society that can garner rights and privileges for all citizens and is the best defense against tyranny. It equips the people with ways to deny fascistic and cruel leadership. It can be the way of uniting citizens to deny absolute power to a few.

Short digression, if someone promises to be a dictator- check any history book.  It never ever ends well.

Every time the franchise of voting expanded in this nation- it was a fight and a struggle. Again- check your history books to see the evolution from only free, property owning white men voting to now. The last expansion was realized in 1971when the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 years of age.

Also, in 1920 only some women gained the right to vote.  The long, hard fight continued- and discrimination and access to the polls exists today for many marginalized, poor and women of color. Now- in theory, all citizens of the age of majority can mark their ballots.


There is the theft of hope as well as actual policies that restrict voting and make it so much harder than let's say building an aircraft.

Not the way Boeing does, but in general.

Many people who suffer from poverty and struggle to overcome economic issues as well as other forms of discrimination don't think politicians care about them or shape policies that benefit most of this country. One political party has not stopped braying that elections are rigged.  No one can trust the results unless of course, they win.

Institutionally the electoral college distorts power and awards more to the smaller and redder states.

And the suppressive actions: 

  • Gerrymandering

  • Voter ID

  • Closing of voting sites

  • Intimidation of poll workers and voters

  • Fewer days of early voting

  • Scam notifications inre the election.


Etc to infinity.

Imagine a gubernatorial election in which the GOP candidate is also the current Secretary of State who does a lot of illegal or wrong actions inre voting.  Oh wait, that’s Georgia

As well as countless other examples of ensconced folks who shape and control elections.

What to do...? 


Every time in every election.  Primary/special elections/ governors and presidents/mayors and sheriffs/ the School Board and everything else. Simple math 99% is always larger than 1%.  And that ain’t woke math. 

Come to DC June 28  Join hands/ stand up/ learn the issues and Waken the Sleeping Giant

And Don't Shop on Tuesday.

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