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Updated: Jun 8

Today, for something a little different.  For a while now, #DSOT has sent a weekly email reminding folks not to shop on Tuesday and highlighting yet another unrepresented issue that is being ignored or actively dismantled.

All issues intersect.

If people believe that power or privilege or money protects them from the challenges and vicissitudes and tragedies of life, they are wrong. It simply demonstrates missing empathy and humanity for those more vulnerable and exposed.

Let's pause and honor Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for a wide range of societal progress, not just civil rights. Included among this spectrum of thought and policy, he opposed the Vietnam War and saw the dark heart of predatory capitalism.

"Something is wrong with capitalism. Maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism.  We must develop programs that will drive the nation to the realization of the need for a guaranteed annual income." 

 "We all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free market capitalism for the poor." 

The majority consensus for such policies and issues presented by and continued to fight for by #DSOT range in support from in the 60's to 90%. Here is every email sent.

Challenges range from supporting labor and unions to all facets of protecting the environment, in addition to dealing with attacks on women's health, children, books and the large, systemic inequities in the totality of our society.

We have the power.  The people. The aggregate financial muscle.  And if enough voters could see through all the campaign lies and smash through the full range of voter suppression and control/ then our numbers can change legislative bodies and executive offices.

Word quiz:  A group of owls is called a congress.  This is also a legislative body that has some public servants but is not working for our people.

And when candidates run on massively unpopular issues, such as attacking reproductive rights and the LGBTQ community, they lose.  Book banners- you too.

Although the billionaire and very wealthy class is expanding, it is still a fraction of the country's population.  Sadly, there is gerrymandering and voter suppression. Surgical voter purges and intimidation also shape election results.  However, in terms of sheer numbers, we the people still outnumber them.  We are a tsunami of ballots. And as we learn and vote, our power increases and we can demand more fairness in this franchise, which is one of the bedrocks of our democracy. 

We also have collective financial power.  Yes, there are frightening statistics about the massive gulf of horrific wealth inequality here and throughout the world. In aggregate, we can challenge the selfish donors and corporations shaping public policy. Massive wealth is created by massive misery.  Enough. 

Why is it that when a vast majority of the country wants more safeguards for guns and the elimination of weapons of war, do we still witness several mass murders each week?  As the effects of climate change come crashing through our lives, why is so little being done? Just two examples out of many.

Studies have proven that if 3.5% of a populace peacefully protest, change will happen.

Ah, you are thinking, this country is hopelessly divided, caught in the vise of distrust and strife.

This is a diverse nation that enjoys a wide spectrum of thought and action.  However, too often

minority views are afforded unrelentless exposure, especially if it helps the moneyed interests.

And we all agree on most things.  

Here is a democracy where individual rights need to be protected but the majority must be served....government of the people, by the people, for the people, not just hedge fund managers.

To reiterate, we have the power, the people, and the economic heft to make a difference.  Together with the undeniable knowledge that we need to generate fundamental change and to enact legislation and policies vital to our country, all our people and the planet.

A large and diverse group not shopping on Tuesday continues to grow.  We are hoping to engage you further.  Tell others to pause their consumerism one day each week and support local businesses the rest of the time. Recommend that people visit the website and sign up for the weekly email.  Make yourself stronger by finding allies and friends to fight for what is important to you and your community.  Contact #DSOT and help us further create coalitions among our supporters to demonstrate our power.

Thank you everyone. 

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