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#UPM United Protest Movement

Thank You for Taking Action in the Fight for Justice

This is not the weekly email reminding people not to shop and highlighting yet another issue that has super majority support, is desperately needed and wanted but is being ignored or reversed. Nor is this the occasional Feel Good Friday #FGF message that celebrates some victories both large and small. This is a recognition and appreciation of how hard everyone is working. Of course we need to unite each Tuesday by weaponizing when and where we shop. But tie that to actions you take every day. and then call your Senator. Or go to a rally. Perhaps sign a petition. Make calls. Move your policy forward. Or do something for someone else. Adopt a river. Demand remedies for injustice. Fight against species extinction or for better mass transit. Let's protect cats and librarians. Demand Medicare for All. Make certain gig workers earn a fair wage. Support the health and sustainability of the climate. Preserve historic buildings and safeguard teachers and books. If you would like please email #DSOT to learn about the wide array of issues important to our supporters. You canalso sign up for our weekly emails highlighting issues supported by a Super Majority of Americans each week at Let's cross pollinate in our actions. #DSOT is building a large and diverse group of people throughout the country. Each week it grows bigger and stronger. It is a coalition needed to generate change. Let's supplement this united protest movement #UPM by specific acts all week long, As always, please let us know about your victories. Thank you all for everything you do. #DSOT #UPM JK and BF

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