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Sustainable Infrastructure Bill. Too Much to Ask? Apparently

Does Joe Biden even want to pass an infrastructure bill for 21st century America? These days, you could excuse one for doubting. Biden’s proposals have dropped precipitously over the course of these so-called negotiations, from a starting $2.3 trillion package, to $1.7T, to asking Republicans to counter his offer with $1T in infrastructure spending. Of course, Republicans have responded with insultingly low counter offers of only a few hundred billion in new spending, or about 10% of Biden’s initial proposal. And now Biden himself has left to visit allies overseas, pulling even further momentum from the negotiations. Especially concerning through this whole process, has been observing which portions of the infrastructure plan Biden, et. al. were willing to jettison in the name of bipartisanship. The Biden administration cut broadband spending, and cut investment in "roads, bridges and major projects," in an effort to reach out to Republicans. Meanwhile, climate policy has completely faded into the background, or been dropped completely, despite being a promised centerpiece of the infrastructure plan in earlier iterations. To make matters worse, after all this time, we are nowhere close to reaching an agreement in the Senate. Time is not the Democratic party’s friend here, when the sad truth is no one wants to be passing major legislation during an election year when they could be campaigning. This means that this Summer and early Fall 2021 may be the last chance Democrats have to pass major legislation before the 2022 elections. This state of affairs is absolutely unacceptable! As we’ve made it clear many times here on DSOT, infrastructure spending, government action on climate, and specifically green infrastructure investment, are all wildly popular with the American people, and long overdue. "Do you support or oppose the Biden administration re-joining the Paris Agreement, a pact reached among countries around the globe to limit climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions?" Support: 63% 79% of Americans supported a government overhaul of American roadways, railroads, bridges, and ports. 71% supported a plan to extend high-speed internet to all Americans. 68% supported an initiative to replace every lead pipe in the country. 66% supported tax credits for renewable energy. Democrats need to seek bipartisan support from the American people, and pass bold infrastructure policy untainted by negotiation with bad faith Republican actors. Doing so will be a huge boon not only to the American people today, and the country tomorrow, but the Democratic party’s future political prospects. So what exactly is the hold-up? As usual, corporate Democrats like Joe Manchin, and the donor money they take, stand in the way of good policy. Thankfully there are some Democrats like Senator Markey, and Representatives Heinrich and Cortez, who see the political landscape and the people’s needs are saying No Climate, No Deal! Their voices cannot stand alone against the powerful donor money, flowing from people like the Kochs, killing green infrastructure policy. To fight this insidious donor power, and help create policy that recognizes and addresses the defining issue of our time: the climate crisis, it will take organized economic power. Join us, each Tuesday, as we build that power, and get the Green back in our infrastructure plan! #DSOT Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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