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Stay 6 Feet Away- Thank you.

Looking at how different people respond during a crisis is illuminating. The best of us pull together to help and support each other, finding creative new ways to keep social bonds strong and our most vulnerable protected. Unfortunately we live in America, and while many of us are trying to embody those better angels of our nature, there are a distressing number, especially concentrated at the top who have decided to respond differently.

Donald Trump and his Republican cronies, have of course chosen to ignore, and belittle the crisis, embezzle money and gaslight their followers, all for personal financial gain, showing once again that therer "pro-life," "pro-free-market" and supposed adherence to the constitution is really a sick farce. Senators have used confidential briefings to dump stock while assuring the public that everything will be fine. Elections have been pushed forward in a blatant effort at voter suppression. Oversight has been removed from the gigantic corporate give-aways by the government. Republican governors are attempting to block unemployment claims and re-open the economy in the face of medical advice. The lists of disastrous and harmful actions goes on and on.

Of course at the center of this debacle is the mad wannabe dictator Donald Trump. He has encouraged governors to put the economy over people's health, played favorites among the states in handing out aid, and attempted to foment civil disorder when democratic governors have issued stay at home orders. It would be hard to imagine a more destructive individual in charge. But is he really in charge? If you listen to Trump, nothing is his fault, he's done everything perfectly. When things go wrong there is someone else to blame, and in the rare moments where we do see progress, he alone should receive the credit. You'd think that his supporters would see through this paper-thin sham, but despite mountains of evidence to the contrary they have stuck by him.

But while the cult of Trump remains fully enthralled, most Americans have woken up, and can tell who to trust and who's full of hot air.

In general do you trust what  _____ has said about the coronavirus?

CDC- 69%

Your state governor- 66%

Anthony Fauci- 60%

Trump- 36%

Perhaps one of the few bright spots amidst the chaos is that Americans are once again realizing how important objective subject matter experts are to a well functioning modern society. They know that the CDC and Dr. Fauci are actually devoted toward health, safety and the truth, not just TV ratings and their stock portfolios. If we can once again put those values, so exemplified by our medical professions and scientists at the center of our discussions, rather than the nakedly partisan power-politics that has been dominating Washington for years we have a chance to bring back sanity and real representation back to the halls of power. Knowing who to trust is just the first step, however, and with the odds so stacked against us electorally it may be difficult to change those in power come autumn, but regardless we will need to put pressure on all our representatives through a broad and enduring movement of people, demanding change. Don’t miss this chance to change our country for the better. Join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!


Let friends and families, let them know about this growing movement, and how they can help us take back our democracy if they Don't Shop on Tuesdays! 

Send their email address to

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