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Seriously President Biden/ It Would be Very Easy to Get Manchin & Others to Support this Bill. Truly

Joe Manchin, corrupt Democratic Senator and coal baron of West Virginia, has publicly killed the Build Back Better bill, on Fox News and with it, almost the entirety of his own party’s promised agenda. This is not surprising news; the moment passage of the corporate-backed infrastructure bill was decoupled from the build back better framework anyone paying attention knew it was only a matter of time. Such is the sickness in our politics.

Failing to pass this $1.75T spending package probably spells the end of the Biden legislative agenda, and likely Democratic control of Congress. Who wants to vote for a party that can’t even pass popular legislation they promised on the campaign trail? It’s just not abstract broken promises, but materially worsening conditions for many Americans, that put the current administration in such peril. Remember, passing the bill, as stripped down as it was, would still have helped millions of Americans by providing universal pre-K, and expanded health-care access, permanently expanding the childhood tax credit, as well as tax incentives for green energy to help the country take even a modest step towards sustainability. This is a far cry from Biden’s $3.5T original proposal, and laughable compared to the challenges we face as a nation.

Nonetheless, American’s have often learned to live with crumbs, and American’s were excited about many of the remaining provisions, like universal pre-K:

Support: 84%

Do you want your member of Congress to work with Joe Biden on these issues?

Democrat: 97%

Independents: 79%

Republicans: 63%

Are you more or less likely to vote for you member of Congress if he or she supported early learning and care policies?

More likely: 70%

Less likely: 13%

Joe Manchin’s special opposition to the expanded child earned income tax credit, a piece of legislation demonstrated to cut childhood poverty in half, will likely make him a baby killer, something he apparently feels far more comfortable explaining to the people of WV, than how he could vote to keep children out of poverty. It’s sick, but he is not the only one at fault here. The Democratic party from the top on down how shown a remarkable fecklessness in passing this legislation. A vote next year may very well be forced, but it’s clear that Joe Manchin and his ilk feel no pressure to actually deliver for the American people. And why should they, when Biden, et. al. are more interested in bylaws and playing nice, than passing an agenda?

It has never been clearer that both Democrats and Republicans have been captured by the wealthy donor class and cannot deliver even the most modest of relief. Instead they will restart student loan collections, and cut off child aid right before Christmas! To get a government that delivers for the people we need a movement of united power, that can build the economic and politic power to take back this country from the donor class, and begin passing legislation for all of us! So join us every Tuesday!

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