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Nor A Drop to Drink* Coming Soon to Your Planet....

Updated: Jan 11

Water water everywhere, now half as much safe to drink

On May 25th, 2023 the Supreme Court of the United States redefined the definition of the term “Waters of the United States” in Sackett v. EPA. This seemingly minor semantic difference in fact slashed the waters previously protected by federal regulation in half! You can read about further on the EPA’s website explaining the former and current definitions of the Waters of the United States and the far-ranging impacts of the Supreme Court's change in definition will have. On September 8th the new rules defining the EPA’s regulatory regime in compliance with SCOTUS’ new waters of the United States definition took effect. Putting aside good or bad, and it is definitely bad, who asked for this? We have once again found ourselves in a situation where the clear preferences of the American people are ignored and government protections stripped from the people at the behest of 9 unelected life-time “justices.” 80% of Americans worry about pollution in the bodies of water and over 60%, think America’s environment is degrading. Large majorities think Congress should be doing more to protect the environment and yet SCOTUS justices have once again asserted the government cannot answer the needs of its citizens and protect their health and well-being. SCOTUS Justices are appointed for life and are well insulated from the Democratic will. Therefore any change at the ballot box will be slow indeed. However, many recent revelations have shown the Supreme Court Justices are not immune to the influence of money (see Clarence Thomas). To get the change that we seek, we need not just political organizing and power, but economic power wielded on behalf of the American people. So, join us each Tuesday, in growing solidarity, to make sure that our government can once again protect both the Waters of the United States from pollution, a women's right to choose, and any other of the civil or economic liberties we currently enjoy from unrepresentative power! #DSOT #UPM

* The Rime of the Ancient Mariner-is the poem too woke now? Can children in Florida read it?

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