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No To An Extra Two Years

The length of a U.S. presidential term is limited to 4 years, according to Article II, Section I, Clause I of the United States Constitution.

Ever since George Washington declined to become King, our Presidents have served four-year terms.

He set the tradition at being re-elected once, with many Chief Executives in the past having much shorter administrations due to illness or defeat.

In a direct reaction or repudiation of Franklin Roosevelt, who was elected four times but died during his final administration, the 22ndAmendment was enacted. The only “bonus” afforded to a Chief Executive are those who rise from Vice President and then serve less than two years. They are eligible to run again twice.

That being said, this is baked into our Constitution and our history and our traditions, There is an historical conjecture that the impetus for the 22ndAmendment limiting a President to two terms was started by Republicans upset about FDR’s power and the length of his administration. Then a man from their Party, General Eisenhower, could have easily been elected several times if not blocked by this amendment.

So perhaps our nation should seek to change the Constitution, the blueprint of our government, with caution.

Anyway, 77% of those polled oppose the idea of giving Donald Trump a windfall of some 700 extra days. He felt that was “owed” to him since he has been under investigation for that long. However, that idea, lost in the din of scandals and other assaults on the Constitution has seemingly been abandoned.

Every day, there are events, laws and traditions being scorned or broken, and ideas that are an anathema to our country.

Fight with your time/your wallet.

Combine with people throughout the nation who don’t shop on Tuesdays.

#DSOT. Take a stand and project your voice.

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