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Mitt Romney is Sad

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Or something. He is upset with how Donald Trump acted last month. Not last year, his entire administration, the presidential campaign or his life- just December 2018.

Mitt Romney thinks corporations are people, my friend. (Citizens United is the Supreme Court Case that opened the floodgates of corporate cash pouring into the electoral process.

Hmm. What do most folks think about that? Here is the summary from the latest #DSOT email-

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

Limit Campaign Contributions (77%): We only just finished the madness of the 2018 Congressional Elections, but with the ringing in of 2019, our political eyes turn towards the 2020 elections. Each election brings with it an ever-growing tsunami of campaign contributions from wealthy individuals, corporations, and dark-money Super-PACs. Our politics are drowning in the money, and the American people are sick of it! 

Over 3 in 4 Americans think there should be limits on campaign contributions, but our politicians are too busy dialing-for-dollars to listen to the people. Campaign finance might not be the sexiest topic, but it is the fulcrum upon which our politics and policies are moved! Without changing how our politicians are financed, we have little hope of getting them to listen to us and write good policy.

Mitt Romney as Governor of Massachusetts helped to enact healthcare legislation that served as a blueprint for the ACA, which should have grown to a more comprehensive plan. Except Republicans in Congress kept repealing it in some sort of expensive Kabuki Theater that guaranteed the previous President’s veto. Most Americans support Medicare for All. At least 71%. Yet, Romney opposed expansive healthcare, one of his earlier signature feats, when he ran for President.

And speaking of his campaign, Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. Who wants Social Security vandalized? And he was recorded as saying that the 47% of the people who support and would vote for President Obama were takers who would never support his, Romney’s candidacy. Well, a majority of voters returned Obama to the White House. And even though 47% is not a majority, it was a large group of citizens that Romney was happy to jettison. A group that is growing bigger every day. Plus, who knows how many Americans Romney was eager to dismiss.

One can surmise that if he had been serving in the Senate last year, Romney would have voted for the very unpopular tax cut legislation that disproportionately benefits the wealthy. We don’t have to surmise. He states this fact in his very very mild rebuke of Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney, you are out of step with what most Americans want, need and deserve.

If you are upset with Donald Trump, then vote to re-open the parts of the federal government forced to close due to congressional inaction and executive malfeasance. Block any funding for a border wall and tell the truth about immigration reform and border security. Demand that innocent children and teenagers be released from de facto jails to be reunited with their asylum-seeking parents.

For once, forget your donors, your own inherited privilege and act like a true statesman.

Writing an Op Ed is easy. Representing the people should be just as effortless.

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