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If Only Pro-life Meant That

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week: The Republican Death Cult

The embarrassing collapse of the Democratic party’s supposed agenda over the past few months was enough to momentarily make one forget that they’re the “better” or at least less openly hostile political party. Events of the last two weeks have brought sharply back into focus just how dangerous and callous the Republican party can be.

First, the 6-3 Conservative packed Supreme Court reminded everyone that Republicans are exactly who they said they were during oral arguments of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, in direct contravention of the previously adjudicated 24 week threshold. Rather than a slower and subtler undermining of Roe, the right-wing “justices’” lines of questioning suggest a more direct attack. We won’t know the official decision until next summer, but at this moment, it’s hard to imagine this “reactivist” court protecting a woman’s bodily autonomy.

Of course, these theocratic oligarchs in black robes couldn’t be farther from representing the desires of the American people:

Uphold: 60%

Overturn: 27%

Do you support or oppose state legislation making it harder for clinics to operate

Support: 36%

Oppose: 58%

Decision whether a woman can have an abortion should be…

Left to a woman and her doctor: 75%

Regulated by law: 20%

The zealotry with which the conservative movement protects zygotes inside a woman’s body is only matched by their utter disdain for the lives of people after they’ve been born. Yet another school shooting, this time in Michigan, leaves children (4) dead and a whole community shattered. There are so many tragic and disturbing details to this case that will undoubtedly be poured over ad nauseum to identify what went wrong and how this could have been prevented. It’s clear there were warning signs, that were ignored, and mental health issues not taken seriously.

All these are valid points, but they are missing the forest for the trees. We have a toxic gun culture in this country, that puts nearly unfettered ownership of killing machines above the lives of any and all people. This was crudely, but succinctly summarized by GOP congressman Massie’s family Christmas photo, released mere days after the shooting.

People like Massie might be a loud and dangerous minority, but it’s clear the American people in general want more, not less gun regulation:

"Do you support or oppose allowing the police or family members to petition a judge to remove guns from a person that may be at risk for violent behavior?"

Support: 74%

Oppose: 21%

"Do you support or oppose requiring background checks for all gun buyers?"

Support: 89%

Nothing we do can bring these children back, or the countless others like them, but we can prevent future tragedies if action is taken! Just as with abortion, however, Republicans actively ignore the will of the people in favor of their own extreme ideology, blocking even the paltriest measures. But wait, where are the Democrats in all this? Don’t they support a woman’s right to choose and stricter gun control? And don’t they control the government right now? As overtly evil as the Conservative agenda is, it’s only possible to implement due to Democratic party fecklessness.

Why can’t we protect women’s bodies and children in our schools? Because the Democrats once again are choosing Senate traditions over the needs of the people. Remove the filibuster and pass the legislation everyone from Joe Biden downward claims is a core platform of Democrats! Instead, it appears that much like the right to vote, the right to an abortion will be stripped from us by Republican chicanery as Democrats wring their hands in distress.

Getting our rights back might happen eventually inside the halls of Congress, but today it starts in the streets, among the people. We must join together, in a united protest movement that demands our rights be respected, and our democracy protected! To do so we have to speak the monetary language that commands both corrupt parties. So join us every Tuesday in growing united power, until we take back our rights and our democracy!

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