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Howard Schultz has Brought the Country Together

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

In wanting him to go away. Of course the billionaire CEO of Starbucks only announced his intentions, or musings, to run for President less than a fortnight ago.

But what a rollout it has been. NPR. 60 Minutes. A flurry of interviews all over the networks and cable TV. As well as his public appearances with the dual purpose of flogging his book and letting America know that he will deign to run for President. Excuse me, not actually run. He won’t declare as a Republican or Democrat so he can avoid all those messy primaries. You know, state-based elections so the voters can express their preferences.

Currently most Americans disapprove of President Trump and if you polled folks on policies, a large majority of his actions. It seems that we can stop treating government like a business. Schultz could argue that he is different: he really is a billionaire and successful entrepreneur.

But that is irrelevant. Just like any job, relevant experience matters.

So brief kudos to Mr. Schultz who brews coffee that most people like, snaked his way into our culture and has unified Democrats, Republicans and Independents. A bridge over troubled waters.

By the way, Mr. Schultz doesn’t seem to have any ideas or polices that he feels compelled to share or enact. However he doesn’t like a marginal tax increase on the very wealthy. Whoa, didn’t see that coming.

You cannot be against the destruction of the planet and not do your part. For the first 10 million in earnings, everyone pays the low Republican set and Democratic complicit tax rates. After that, the rate increases. A rise far below the rates in the Eisenhower era.

If you think that policy is oppressive, try earning minimum wage and dealing with sales tax, plus the levy for the state and federal government coming out of your paycheck.

A $15 minimum wage and marginal tax increases for the very wealthy. That is what most Americans want

Not a bored billionaire who doesn’t feel compelled to campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, et. al.

#DSOT. Don't Shop Anywhere on Tuesdays.

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