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Child Poverty Rose 41%...Almost Immediately

Parents Turn on Democrats for Taking Away Child Tax Credit

Following the bumbling efforts of the Democratic party, you would be forgiven for thinking that political strategy is a lost, mystic art form, barely comprehensible by us mere mortals. According to Democrats, voters’ sensibilities are like the tides; sentiment rises and falls in an uncontrollable, natural phenomena. In the face of falling popularity among voters, this sort of belief is simultaneously distressing and comforting for party leadership, manifesting as a palpable, yet inevitable sense of Democrats’ defeat come November. Politics, however, isn’t nearly as challenging as our decrepit leadership makes it out to be. The whims of voters aren’t mindless phenomena, unaffected by the actions of our politicians, they are based on material needs, dictated by the vast and ever-present short-comings of our society. If material aid comes to people, and their lives get easier, they’ll support you. When the aid dries up, and American’s children start going hungry, the citizenry, unsurprisingly, turns against those in charge. Can addressing material needs really break through the culture wars or is it all just noise and propaganda? To find out, let’s look at the end of last year, when Democrats allowed baby-killer Joe Manchin to end the child-tax credit keeping millions of families out of poverty. We’ve already discussed in a December email, how this was not just a wildly popular program, but that killing it would have massive ethical, and political consequences. Now, a mere 3 months later we are already seeing the seismic shift in attitudes among affected voters, over 70% of whom said they were financially impacted by losing the aid for their children. In December of last year, Democrats held a 12-point generic advantage among child tax-credit recipients. At the beginning of April, the same cohort favored the Republican party by three points. That’s a 15-point swing in just three months! And lest you think this is just the “general trend” unaffected by leadership’s actions, the same question asked to all voters, did not display a similar shift in attitudes. The message could not be clearer: voters reward those who help them with their material needs, and turn on political parties that leave them high and dry with only excuses instead of results. Unfortunately, politicians remain willfully blind to this obvious reality, since serving the people often comes in direct conflict with the interests of their owners in the donor class. Convincing politicians to go against the money will take more than heartfelt words or even clear statistics. It will take organized, economic power to force the political class the look out for the needs of the people. So join us each Tuesday as we build that economic cudgel, until finally our government passes legislation that looks out for the needs of all of us, not just the few. #DSOT #UPM

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