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Here is a Maryland organization that has been fighting for the planet for two decades.

The evidence of climate collapse and extreme weather are manifested everywhere. And this organization has been sounding the alarm, offering solutions and reminding us to take action. (Even the United States Pentagon now recognizes this threat, which has and will continue to generate so many tragic effects, loss, starvation and death. ) Join with the environmental activists of CCAN.

This is just one of the many challenges and crises we face today. What else could be done?

Unite with a range of others fighting for issues and policies desperately needed by our citizens and our planet. We all must align each week by not doing something/ by not shopping each Tuesday. There are far too many programs and legislation with a super majority consensus ( 60% or more ) that are being ignored or destroyed by elected officials. Every week, be part of a growing army of experts, organizations and concerned people demanding fundamental change. Wield an economic cudgel. Don't shop on Tuesday. #DSOT

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