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Apres Roe, Le Deluge

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Some pundits have described the Republican party as the proverbial “dog who has caught the car,” post SCOTUS’ extreme judicial activism overturning Roe v. Wade. The problem with such a conception of the Republican party, is it suggests a naivete, or at least ignorance, within the party to the consequences of their recent actions. We cannot give the theocratic right, such benefit of the doubt, especially when we know overturning Roe has been a decades long ambition. The kernel of truth these pundits have grasped, however, is the massive unpopularity of this judicial overreach, which could have political implications this fall. Indeed, recent polling indicates that generic Democrats have a multi-point advantage over Republicans, in spite of the dismal 36% approval rating for Biden himself.

In the face of this public outcry and shifting political winds, Republicans have responded by increasing their rhetoric and aggression. A variety of state-level Republicans are openly calling for bans on contraception next. Senator Ted Cruz has already started echoing reactionary activist Justice Clarence Thomas, saying Obergefell (right to gay marriage) was “clearly wrong.” These aren’t just empty words either, when over 75% of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against bills to codify the right to gay marriage, and the right to contraceptives, and even now only 5 Republican Senators have indicated they will vote in favor of the legislation.

All of this activity in-spite of, or perhaps because of how wildly out of step these beliefs are with the general public. A fact emphasized by the recent Morning Consult poll:

Do you support or oppose congressional passage of a federal law to protect each of the following:

A new Gallup poll also shows support for gay marriage at an all time high of 71%!

With such clear results, especially when it comes to contraception, Republicans have clearly taken off the mask pretending to represent even their own constituents, let alone the American people. It appears that they are hoping to blitz the political field and move the conversation so quickly on our individual rights, that it will take years to unwind the damage. These minoritarian theocrats cannot be allowed to shape our country’s future, and they must be stopped from taking further power in our government. If the cracks in the dam are allowed to grow, all our rights may soon be swept away in a flood of theocratic barbarity. This of course involves organizing and GOTV efforts to beat Republicans at the ballot box, but that is only half the story.

In our corrupt system, business interests support the campaigns of both sides, providing the contributions needed to win campaigns. Republicans especially would be unable to compete without this substantial financial backing. Unlike many of the labor issues we cover, capital at-large has no financial interest in preventing gay marriage or the right to an abortion. Business interests don’t act to do what is right, but what is profitable, and without a push, they won’t choose sides, preferring to espouse support for woman and the LGBTQ community while still funneling money to bigoted political figures. We must give them that push, by building an economic cudgel that can threaten the profitability and reputations of donors who undermine our democracy and freedoms. So, join us each Tuesday, in growing solidarity. Together we can move forward, divided we will fall back.

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