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Always Low Prices is Too Costly


Several years ago in Maryland, the state legislature enacted a bill that mandated companies with more than 100,000 workers to spend at least 8% of payroll on health coverage. It was commonly referred to as the Walmart bill since that was the only corporation affected.

In other words, too many people who worked forty hours or more for Walmart still qualified for government medical assistance. And food stamps as well.

(It passed the legislature and a governor’s veto to be struck down in court.)

There are Walmart stores that no longer hire security guards and use local police officers in that capacity. Forget other crimes, the local cops are on a continual loop to and from the Walmart.

Pick your own reasons for having problems with this retail behemoth.

Destroys small businesses: squeezes vendors: buys too many products abroad especially from China: is unconcerned about the destruction the mass buying creates.

Yes there are options. Studies have shown other stores may be cheaper when several items are averaged together. Local farmers’ markets and businesses can provide fresh food and interesting products. People can pay a little more and purchase higher quality goods that are not made by children or slave labor.

Henry Ford, whatever faults he may have possessed believed that his workers should be able to afford the product they were making. In his case, a car. (Walmart traditionally had food drives around the

holidays for their own workers.)

When people fighting to stay in or elevate to the middle class have more money, they spend it. Cash isn’t sent to the Cayman Islands. Children need clothing and food, and increased income can bring movies eating out or perhaps a new car. Money that goes back into the local economy.

If the Walton family paid their workers $15 /hour, they would still be billionaires.

Bernie Sanders is going to a Walmart annual meeting. Let’s see what happens.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays.

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