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The metal, not the ability to inspire others to take important and courageous actions. Even Superman's x-ray vision is thwarted by lead. It blocks Kryptonite's radiation.

Ok fun's over. Back from comics to real life where lead not only blocks radiation, but it’s poisonous to living things. Kris Kobach who finally persuaded (lead?) the people of Kansas to elect him to an office, likes lead. Or rather has no problem with folks in his state drinking from lead pipes.  He is speaking as their Attorney General.

 Lead poisoning, or plumbism, or saturnism generates many effects from constipation and localized pain to intellectual disabilities/ blindness and death. These are the more acute effects, but chronic exposure, especially during development can lead to deleterious effects from lead. Before people were clearly aware of the toxic and harmful effects of lead - in Kansas and all other states - many children thought to have behavioral issues or trouble learning were in fact suffering from the exposure to lead paint and pipes in their homes.

Incredibly, it wasn’t until 2021, when lead additives were completely removed from gasoline. Our cars were spewing out lead causing include kidney and heart disease, but Kobach claims that clearly documented toxicity and problems due to lead poisoning are merely speculative, and this is a state’s rights issue. Hear that Kansas, drink up. 

But wait there's more.  The other Attorneys General joining the Hemlock Brigade are from the following states: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Kobach who inserts himself into women's autonomy and control over their health and families, now endorses actual poison. Politicians of his ilk fail to see the irony that all living things are harmed by exposure to lead: especially pregnant women and their fetuses.

Kobach is a one stop shop for GOP lies and lunacy:  the election was stolen/ harass immigrants and asylum seekers/ even before denying Biden won- he was questioning if former President Obama was even a citizen.  Kris- check an atlas.  Hawaii is part of the United States. Kobach is famous or infamous for allegedly finding voter fraud where none, or minimal cases existed.But with respect to lead poisoning he is not going to accept massive scientific and medical and observational data.

Water aside, KK is most famous for trying to harm immigrants- certain ones- in any way he can. For years. Whether it is Kansas or Flint Michigan or Jackson Mississippi or untold other areas, our citizens must be protected from lead.  No one is asking Kobach to actually lead, but stop trying to poison Kansans. Poor communities of course are more affected and exposed to lead paint and lead pipes.  That is not missing from this calculation. Kobach, is of course, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this political malfeasance.

As the #DSOT email sets forth every week, we are not being represented by the people ostensibly elected to serve us. Countless issues and policies are ignored or attacked when a super majority consensus supports them and the relevant legislation and regulations that are vital to our democracy and planet. This United Protest Movement is nonpartisan even while calling out egregious elected officials and policies. Manchin/Sinema and countless of other so-called moderate Democrats who enjoy wealthy donors cause too much pain for this country.  However, the GOP seems hell bent on killing us all.  From denying the real effects of climate change to denying healthcare, to cutting vital social services while simultaneously again cutting taxes for the richest among us. The list is seemingly endless.

 But here is someone who wants you to drink poison.

Again, remember that we are smarter, stronger and have more political and economic clout when united.


 Rally.  Join with others.  Know the issues. Protest.  Contact #DSOT- we have allies fighting for a wide array of change.

  So...   Raise a glass.   A Votre Sante.  Cheers.  Slainte.  Prosit

 Don't Shop on Tuesday   #DSOT #upm

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