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Who Needs Science Now- EVERYONE

Over the weekend Donald Trump "warned" his audience that Joe Biden would "listen to the scientists." Something Trump has made clear in word and deed he has absolutely no intention of ever doing. Such anti-science rhetoric may seem extreme, but it is merely the open admission of long standing Republican policy and belief, ever since the EPA began to demonstrate empirically that regulation of business was often in the public interest.

Of course most Republicans are much more subtle with their anti-science leanings, but Trump, says the quiet part out loud, as always. Despite what he may think, however, taking a stance against listening to scientists is hardly what the American people want:

Scientists should ___ when it comes to public policy debates around scientific issues?

Take an active role in policy debates: 60%

Focus on establishing sound scientific facts: 39%

Are you confident that scientists act in the public interest?

Confident: 86%

No the American people would be just fine with Joe Biden listening to scientists. The main problem is that despite promises to do so, Joe Biden and the Democrats will not, in fact, be listening to scientists when it comes to policy. If they were, the would be listening to the doctors telling them to support universal healthcare, they would be listening to the climate scientists urging a green new deal and an end to fossil fuels, and so much more. Instead, despite their protestations, the experts aren't listened to, and the policies remain unwritten.

This might be excusable if the people were against these things, and so as representatives of the people, the Democrats felt compelled to support their constituents. However, as DSOT points out week in and week out, the American people desperately want these policies. That both experts and the people are in agreement, and are yet still ignored makes the situation all the more galling.

The situation we find ourselves in is frustrating. Neither side is listening to the people and giving them what they actual want. Instead, both parties serve powerful special interests that care little for science or democracy if it interferes with their acquisition of wealth and power. Despite this dire situation, differences do remain, that Biden and the Democrats still publicly recognize the role of science and the validity of expertise is important, critically so.

Of course we know that the Democrats, unless pushed, will never take up such a fight, and begin listening to the people on their own, it's just not who they are. To get the change we desire, we're going to have to call and write and petition and insist in every manner possible our leaders make a stand. And afterwards, it's going to take sustained, collective action of commensurate size and economic power to the forces of oligarchy and oppression we struggle against to keep our politicians accountable and convince them there is no option but to change or lose everything!

Don’t miss this chance to  join us every Tuesday, in growing solidarity and power until we take back our democracy from amoral special interests, and greedy politicians: Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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