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Unrepresentative Policy - Restore Felon Voting Rights

Or as I like to say: the formerly incarcerated.

In 2018, voters in Florida decided to pass a constitutional amendment allowing felons, after they had finished their sentences, to regain the franchise. Passing such an amendment through ballot initiative requires a high 60% threshold of approval, but if we've learned anything from DSOT, it's that most Americans support a free and just society, and so it should come as no surprise that the vote passed easily. A victory for democracy and freedom, restoring voting rights to 1 million Floridians! But then, the unrepresentative Florida government, led by dubiously elected governor Ron DeSantis (R) got involved, and wouldn't you know, roadblocks began popping up to prevent the will of the people from being enacted. As we discussed last week, Republicans in Florida, as in many states, realize that their policies and governance are deeply unpopular, and they would stand little chance of holding political office if everyone was allowed to vote. And so it is that in 13 states

, people convicted of felonies can lose their voting rights indefinitely, require an official pardon or face further restrictions and waiting times before they can vote, even after they have "served their debt to society. Do the American people agree with such widespread dis-enfranchisement, especially in light of our astronomical prison population?

Agree or Disagree, a person who has been convicted of a felony should be allowed to vote after they have served their sentence. Agree Overall: 72% Democrats: 82% Republicans:64%

A whopping two of three Republicans disagree with their own political party's activities when it comes to disenfranchising former felons, let alone the eight in ten Democrats who feel the same way! Polling confirms that Americans know that voting is essential to the exercise of democracy, and furthermore that more people voting means a stronger democracy! If this assault on our democracy is allowed to continue in Florida and beyond, our elections will continue to be won by anti-majoritarian cowards, to afraid to compete on the battlefield of ideas. Don't let these miscreants continue to cling to power at the expense of our citizens and our democracy, when the people vote, our public servants must listen! Tragically, voting results seem of little interest to such corrupt individuals, and so we must speak a language they better understand: donor money. Join us each week with DSOT as we strike a blow for democracy, and stand with our fellow disenfranchised citizens until they enjoy the full rights and freedoms they deserve!

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