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One Year Since the School Shooting in Parkland


17 killed. 17 wounded.

Kudos to the surviving students who stood up and are making a difference.

They continue to speak for an overwhelming majority of this country that want better gun laws.

And even some elected officials who welcome donations from the NRA, are listening.

Thank you March for Our Lives.

Because 59 people murdered and 10 times the number of wounded, didn’t affect politicians.

Children, 5 and 6 year olds gunned down, nothing changed.

Countless mass shootings and we wait for the next one. And it doesn’t take long for the subsequent one to occur. To shatter people's lives forever.

Churches, nightclubs and of course schools- no place is safe.

Except maybe Congress where there are procedures in place and obviously, no guns allowed inside the building.

(Note: individual Congress Representatives and Senators can have guns in their offices but not on the floor of either house. So there is no good guy with a gun when the House or Senate convenes.)

Fight for what you believe in and make a difference.

And then, next week and every seven days:

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays. Together we can win.

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