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Not Just Keep and Protect but Expand

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week

Expand Social Security and Medicare (73%): The constant attacks from right-wing and “centrist” politicians against “entitlement programs” might give one the impression that Americans are sick and tired of government working for the general welfare. These politicians, and mainstream news organizations, paint a picture of a crisis with funding and support, in which the only reasonable position is to “reform” SS and Medicare, by either cutting benefits or privatizing the programs. But there is nothing “centrist” about this position. Poll after poll, for decades, has shown that SS and Medicare are incredibly popular, and may be what many Americans appreciate most about our government.

Right now nearly 3 in 4 Americans want the United States to expand SS and Medicare, even if it means raising taxes!This is especially important, when examining the candidates currently considering running for President in 2020. Trump and the Republicans, have made it clear that their goal is to tear down these important programs and leave many Americans destitute no matter what the polls say, leaving our hopes with the Democratic party. With 73% support, across the nation, we should not accept any nominee who isn’t vehement in their support for SS and Medicare not just as they are, but in expanding their reach and efficacy with higher funding.This is the first and easiest step towards creating a more equitable and humane society, and we should accept nothing less in the richest country on earth!

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