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New York to Amazon

Get Out of Town. Their town.

Nationally, local jurisdictions turned their towns and cities inside out, trying to attract the next Amazon headquarters. This went on for several years. Money and time that should have been spent on the needs of the current citizens went to luring this mega billionaire and his anti-union/ money grabbing company.

The state of Wisconsin offered the Chinese company Foxconn the moon and the stars and billions of dollars in tax cuts to lure them to the Badger State. The very same corporation that had to install suicide nets outside their buildings back home. In addition, the destruction to the environment will be massive. And guess what, con is part of the company’s name for a reason. They reneged on virtually all promises of the number and types of jobs that would be generated.

Seriously, look it up.

But you know what happens when people get together and demand the best for their communities?

They can win.

The toll on Long Island City in Queens New York that Amazon would have brought was quite clear to the denizens of the area. Because frankly, they did not need a helipad and did not want low-paying jobs in which people fainted or were afraid to take bathroom breaks.

Maybe Jeff Bezos is distracted. Or the people were clear.

Still, thanks but no thanks Amazon.

You want more collective power = #DSOT

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