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It's Our Party/ Stop Making Us Cry

Remember party unity? Progressive politicians, and their base of voter support are constantly admonished by Democratic leadership, and the media apparatus, that they Must fall in line, and unify behind the party, or every catastrophe that befalls us from here to eternity will be the fault of those seeking “radical” policies the American people desperately want.

As conservative Democrats in the House and the Senate, attempt to scuttle their own party’s $3.5 Trillion reconciliation infrastructure package, a profound, transformative (compromise) bill, upon which likely hinges the Democratic party’s political future, and certainly the legacies of politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and Biden, well past the twilight of their careers, barely a wagging finger has been raised to bring these rogue actors in line.

The reason for this disparity, is of course the reason we started DSOT. Our government, specifically the representatives put in positions of power don’t serve the American people, they serve monied interests. That’s why Sinema refused to allow the government to negotiate prescription drug prices through Medicaid. It’s why Manchin is doing everything he can to strip green energy provisions and tax increases from the plan. It’s why House Democrats are trying to decouple the bipartisan corporate give-away plan, from the $3.5T package, that has provisions that actually help the people, and it’s why Schumer et. al. listen to the Parliamentarian, when she says DACA can’t be included in the reconciliation package.

We are one week out from the self-imposed deadline of September 27th to vote on the Bipartisan bill, and the evisceration of the reconciliation package grows every day. The time is fast approaching when this game of chicken between corporatists, and public servants will come to a head. Representatives from the House progressive caucus, and Bernie have assured us they will not blink and let the people down.

We must support these public servants in this fight, and not let the donor class get away with robbing us blind during a crisis! As we’ve been over countless times, these policies are popular, and desperately needed. If we cave now, under the pressure all hope for popular policy flies out the window. We’ll get to see if politicians care more about their own political survival, than the checks from their donors, and it will be up to us, to join together each week, wielding economic power, so that win or lose, our government learns there are consequences for crossing the American people, and trampling on their dreams. Join us each Tuesday!

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