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It is a Luxury to be Sick Today

Forget about second homes and yachts, the real indulgence in America is to afford

being sick.

Not only the chronic, possibly fatal, need all those tests and specialists sick, but simply the flu or a short, acute malady.

First you need affordable healthcare. Such coverage should be inclusive of all that is medically needed that also has co-pays and deductibles one can manage. Not to be forgotten, medicine might be necessary and those prices fluctuate wildly.

Then this hypothetical patient has to be able to be absent from work for the duration of the illness and still get paid. And keep said job.

To recuperate from even common ailments, there must be a safe living environment for such a recovery.

Forgot the Bahamas or a trip abroad, most Americans have to plan what to do when they or a member of their families will get sick. Because all people eventually do.

Medicare For All.

Control Pharmaceutical Prices.

Paid Sick Leave.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays.

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