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Is America Actually Home to our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Can you imagine the fear down to one's bone marrow as you and your family are thrown into the street/ along with any belongings you have.

The horror and humiliation. To be tossed out like garbage in July, during a pandemic that may (or not) have receded somewhat. Right now during the eviction crisis when millions of people face eviction, it is a brutally hot time. But to be clear/ people are hauled out of their homes during every month of the year.

If someone cannot afford their rent or mortgage/ how can they secure more housing? What is your address? How do you get mail/ register your children for school/ receive any paltry government assistance? Yes people have jerry-rigged ways to solve some of life's basic needs/ but it is a fierce

and daily battle.

If you still have a car/ where can you park it? How does anyone in this position go to the bathroom/shower or get enough to eat? On a consistent basis...?

Studies have shown that women- most likely children and men as well- are assaulted when they are unhoused.

I still use the term homeless because to me it is an indictment of us US. America is clearly not home for so many of the citizenry.

In sadness

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