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Float like a Butterfly...THEN FIGHT FOR THEM

Indiscriminately Pruning the Tree of Life



Hello fellow political stonecutters, we've made it to another weekend! Join us as we discuss the dire state of biodiversity on the planet, how protecting the plethora of life on this planet is not just a luxury for people, but a necessity, and ways that you can get involved, big or small to protect our biosphere. 

Inspired by our chat and want to do more? Follow the links below to learn more and take action.

You can visit the Center for Biological Diversity’s Extinction Crisis homepage

Key Biodiversity Indices:

1. International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species

Legislation to support:

1. Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (needs to be reintroduced in 2024)

Avocado Actions

We hope you're enjoying these new Zoom chats as much as we are! 


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