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Almost everyone agrees and a vast majority of citizens have consistently said, they support education and are willing to pay higher taxes toward that end.

Even childless people want to have quality schools for our youth.

Education theoretically is and should be the great equalizer. Smart and hardworking students can do well and thrive. Intelligence and assiduousness should trump zip code.

However, in reality it is an historically unfair equation and in many ways the situation is worsening.

Segregated schools were not separate but equal. The institutions for black students were shamefully inadequate. And the mere fact that the division existed communicated inequity and discrimination.

In terms of higher education, of course a better foundation makes certain students more competitive to be accepted and enrolled in top colleges. And the legacy system plus donations also propelled a certain class into the Ivy Leagues and other prestigious institutions.

And now the Trump administration wants to cut 8.5 billion dollars from the Department of Education.

Laser-like focus was utilized on eliminating programs that would help children from impoverished areas and rededicate $5 billion for private school tuition.

As in federal monies directed toward private institutions.

I would write they didn’t do their homework but the intent is quite clear- take funds from the neediest areas and place them in the lap of the wealthier citizenry.

For the next few months, the movement boycott for our democracy#b4od will concentrate on the many issues relating to public education in our country. Of course we are fully cognizant of the dozens of other policies wanted by most but ignored by those in power. We continue to support groups fighting for redress or justice or change across an entire spectrum of matters.

Since this is the raison d’etre of the boycott.

However will also fight for education justice and reform in the upcoming months.

We will align ourselves with a myriad of groups/parents/activists and others who know that we all need and deserve good schools in all communities #DSOT will continue in the role of intersection and multiplier.

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